April 1, 2005

Jack loves to drink water from his new Nemo cup! "Hey man, you need some lotion!"  

April 15, 2005

Daddy and Jacky snuggling up before bed. Going, going.... ...and Gone!  

April 16, 2005 - Bubblefest

We went to The Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana for Bubblefest 2005! ...and Jack had a ball... ...watching and blowing bubbles... ...and hanging out with Mom and Dad.

April 17, 2005

Jack has turned into such a big guy, he doesn't even need help climbing the stairs at the park anymore. Jack loves his little neighborhood park! Sometimes he hangs out by the fence to chat with passers by. Action-Jackson!
Mr. Sneaky-Pants! "Gotta aaa concen-trate on these st-airs."