Aug 2, 2005

Jack, Mommy & Daddy went to a Safety Fair in Long Beach today. Jack's 2 favorite things in the world were there!  A motorcycle (which he would not sit on) and... ...The Long Beach Police Helicopter, "Sky Fox", which he DID sit in! Jack & Daddy with the helicopter pilot.
Jack loved "driving" the big fire truck! ...Ahhh...dreaming of being a firefighter one day... "OK, that's enough dreaming for now...Daddy!?" The paramedic's had fun talking to Jack.
At least he is in the front seat of the police (Poe-Poe) car! Jack talking to the little "talking" police car. We couldn't keep him out of that police car.  Let's hope this doesn't become a trend!  

Aug 4, 2005

Jack loves eating the munster cheese! He's a funny guy! How about some "ham" with that cheese Jack!
Jack is going to loose his mind when he is too big to sit in the strainer!    

Aug 5, 2005

Matthew, Declan & Jack visited the Aquarium of the Pacific today. Jack climbing around outside at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  

Aug 16, 2005


Aug 19, 2005


Aug 20, 2005


Aug 21, 2005