July 1, 2005

Jack is definitely skeptical of helping take care of Kaylee while her mommy and daddy are out for the evening. Jack finally starts to warm up a bit. Now we think Jack was trying to twist Kaylee's head right off...  ...but then he re-thought his decision and gave her a kiss on the head instead!
Jack was none too happy having to "share" his mommy for the night. Kaylee tried to take revenge for the head twisting incident later by attempting to devour his hand!    

July 3, 2005

Jack likes to think he is a big boy by mimicking Daddy with a big ol' bottle of soda.      

July 30, 2005


July 31, 2005

Grandma Rene (or "Maga" as Jack calls her) gave Jack an extremely cool backpack to use for pre-school in September. Jack thought this was the greatest thing ever invented!