Jack's Corner
Oct '03


10/31/03 (1st Halloween - 53 days old)

Today, Jack is at 4 1/2 lbs. and doing great with his bottle. He was the hit of the NICU on Halloween in his hot dog costume. Daddy could not resist trying to gobble him all up!

10/27/03 (49 days old)

Finally! G-mom Wendi gets to hold Jack. They were both very content.

10/26/03 (48 days old)

Jack is gaining lots of weight now that he is eating from a bottle once every shift...he is up to 4 lbs. now! He passed his eye test and his hearing test with flying colors and opens his eyes wide and seems to have better focus.

10/25/03 (47 days old)

Daddy finally got to feed his little guy and, as you can see, Jack definitely approved!

10/24/03 (46 days old)

"Stop! In the name of binky, before you break my heart."

10/19/03 (41 days old)

Look at the change in this boy's face...he's simply chunky now weighing in at 3 1/2 lbs! We will try the bottle feeding sometime this week then sit back and watch the pounds pack on...yeah!

10/18/03 (40 days old)

The first time wearing "clothes", Jack was so excited he danced a little jig. Move over lord of the dance!

10/13/03 (35 days old)

Grandma Kirby just loves her little grandkid so much, Mommy usually has to pry him from her arms.

10/12/03 (34 days old)

Later in life, Jack will kill us for taking pictures (and posting them on his site) of him in this sherbet colored hat. Until then, we'll keep them up because he's just too cute!

10/8/03 (1 month old)

Jack is off the oxygen and doing well on his own.  The big news is that Jack has hit the 3 pound mark.  In fact, he's only 2 grams away from 3 lbs, 1 oz, so let's just round up.  He's up to 22 cc's on his feedings and you can see that he is really filling out well.

10/3/03 (25 days old)

Smiling lovingly at Mom...mostly

10/2/03 (24 days old)

Jennifer, the wonder nurse.  Enjoy Europe.  Jack wants to know when you'll be back?

10/1/03 (23 days old)

The many faces of Jack

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