Jack's Corner
Nov '03



Jack loves his mommy and found his thumb tonight for a split second.

11/27/03 (Jack's 1st Thanksgiving)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


The Elle-o-matic, orthopedic bed for baby.


Bath time for Jack.


Mom: The most comfortable bed known.


Jack loves his new crib and sleeps a lot...in the afternoon that is! We are still working on trying to get to bed before 3 am!

11/13/03 (66 days old)

Today was the day we have been waiting for...Jack finally got to come home with his mom and dad! We are completely overwhelmed, scared and excited about bringing our little bundle home. Definitely one of the best days of our lives...for all of us.

11/12/03 (65 days old)

Jack finally hit the 5 lb. mark today...is he rolling his eyes at what is coming out of his mom's mouth?!

11/11/03 (64 days old)

Jack has a great grip on his best friend...the ever present binky.

11/9/03 (62 days old)

Raise the roof, yo!

11/8/03 (61 days old)

The nurse though Jack seemed cold, so she dressed him in a long sleeved hospital shirt...on top and bottom!

11/5/03 (58 days old)

Jack is drinking 60 cc's with a bottle every 3 hours now and may be practicing to take over the position of Pope some day (see picture of far right)!

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